$30 Dinner: Fast Food Favorites!

First Course Options

Animal Fries
Cheese, special sauce and grilled onion

Nachos Bell Grande
Nacho cheese sauce, La Platte River Angus Farm beef and house salsa

Second Course Options

Cheesy Gordita Crunch
Classic LaPlatte River Angus Farm beef taco in a crunchy taco shell, served with a soft taco and cheese wrapper

The Double Down
Our take on KFC’s fried chicken sandwich: two fried chicken breast cutlets, Vermont cheddar, special sauce and North Country Smokehouse bacon

Fast Food Burger of the Day
Daily rotation of our fast food burger favorites: may include the Rodeo Burger, the Whopper, Quarter Pounder with Cheese, Fish Filet and more

Dessert Options

BK’s Snickers Pie
Peanut butter pie with chocolate crust, peanuts and chocolate fudge

McD’s Apple Pie
Apple hand pie

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