Information for Participating Restaurants

Thank you for taking part in the ninth annual Vermont Restaurant Week, April 20 through 29. Here’s some important information to help you make the most of this 10-day event. Please read the below information carefully.

How to Build Your Restaurant Week Menu

When is the menu deadline?
Choose a price point for your prix fixe menu.
  • The options are $20, $30 or $40 per person.
  • If you serve breakfast or lunch, you might also offer a $15 (or less) breakfast or lunch special.
What dishes will you offer?
  • Make it special! Diners are looking for a fresh, inventive dining experience. Past restaurants have offered all-maple menus, all-chocolate menus and even a Dr. Seuss menu. You can also include anything off of your regular menu.
  • Please include at least three courses. We suggest at least three choices per course.
  • We strongly suggest offering vegetarian or vegan options.
  • Adding an optional pairing as an upsell is a great way to make your menu stand out and enhance value for you. Please approach our food and beverage sponsors (below) about offering their beer, cider, spirits and cheese in your pairings.
How long should the dish descriptions be?
  • Every restaurant’s menu must fit into a ¼page ad (4.75×5.56) in the menu guide that’s inserted into Seven Days on April 11. Click here to view last year’s.
  • Menus will be edited for spelling, grammar and clarity before they’re posted online.
  • If a dish is self-explanatory, like crème brûlée, a description isn’t needed.
    • Disclaimer: If your menu is too long, our food writers may have to edit it down for print. If any drastic changes are made, you will be notified. Longer descriptions will be published online as soon as we’re able to edit them.


Help Us Fundraise for Vermont Foodbank

Last year we raised $21,380 for the Vermont Foodbank during Vermont Restaurant Week through special event revenue, sponsorship dollars, matching grants, online fundraising and City Market, Onion River Co-op’s Rally for Change program. This year we would like to add a new element to the mix — you!

Did you know that $3 provides five meals to Vermonters in need? Please consider adding $1 to your Restaurant Week menu — changing the price point to $21, $31 or $41 — and donating that extra dollar from every meal sold back to the Vermont Foodbank. When you submit your menu to us on March 21, just let us know if you’ll be participating, and we’ll add a special icon to your menu in print and online to promote the fact that you’re donating. At the end of the week, please send your tax-deductible donation directly to the Vermont Foodbank and note that it’s from Vermont Restaurant Week.

Offer a Lodging Package

We’ve been offering lodging and dining packages on the Vermont Department of Tourism’s website during Restaurant Week for several years. The intention of this promotion is to give guests a simple way to book lodging and a meal at a participating Restaurant Week location with one easy reservation. If your restaurant is attached to a hotel, please consider offering a package. Click here to offer a package. 

Connect With Our Restaurant Week Sponsors

We encourage you to support our food and beverage sponsors by offering their beer, cider, spirits and cheese on your menus. We also suggest that you reach out to Swish White River for all of your food service products and to Vermont Federal Credit Union for all of your financial needs. And when you’re in Burlington or Essex, be sure to stop by City Market, Onion River Co-op and the Essex Culinary Resort and Spa. 

Kylie Webster
Vermont Federal Credit Union
802-923-1322, 888-252-0202, ext. 1322

FM Muñoz
Vermont Creamery
(o) 802-479-9371, (c) 802-488-4080

Larry Swanson
WhistlePig Rye Whiskey
(c) 802-349-8287, (o) 802-897-7700

Abbe Malcolm
Switchback Brewing Co.
NOTE: Make sure to get your orders to Baker Distributing by Friday, April 6. 

David Dolginow
Shacksbury Cider

Mae Quilty
City Market, Onion River Co-op
802-861-9753 (direct) 

Abi Marsh
Swish White River
802-295-1949, ext 108

Tom Smith
Essex Culinary Resort & Spa

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