$41 Dinner Menu

$1 from every meal goes to the Vermont Foodbank.

First Course Options

Six raw on the half-shell, with lemon and horseradish

Beets (V)
Smoked lentils, fennel, lebneh, almond crumb

Bread Pudding
Bone marrow broth, melted onions, Vermont cheeses

Parsnip Soup (V)
Smoked maple, apple

Crispy Oyster Mushrooms (VG)
Fiddlehead remoulade

Beef Carpaccio
Capers, pickled red onion, horseradish, lemon, truffle

Second Course Options

Stuffed Pasta (V)
Spinach, fresh mozzarella, dill, beurre blanc

Steamed Mussels
Ginger, lemongrass, lime leaf, coconut milk, grilled bread, kimchi butter

Vegetable Platter (VG)
Seasonal selection of vegetables

Extra Thick-Cut Grilled Steak
Bourbon cream, juniper, parsnip chips (+ $10)

Sides to Share

Fingerlings (V)
Romano, truffle

Shiitake Miso Butter Kale (V)

Polenta Fries (VG)
Jalapeño aioli

Dessert (+$12)

Potted Chocolate Truffle
Deep dark chocolate, salted caramel

Roasted Brioche
Lemon curd, butter, whipped cream

Sweet Cream Risotto
Lemon zest, sugared almonds, mulled honey

Crème Brûlée
Cream, vanilla, burnt sugar

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