$20 Dinner Menu

Appetizer Options

Chips & Guac

Chips & Queso

Tex-Mex Tots

Entrée Options

Queso Burger
Hand-formed burger topped with cheese and bacon and smothered in queso blanco; served with tots

Traditional Chicken Enchiladas
Three stuffed corn tortillas, baked in traditional red enchilada sauce and topped with cheese

Nacho Supremo
Our house corn chips topped with cheese, ground beef, chicken, pinto or black beans, tomatoes, scallions, black olives; served with sides of salsa and sour cream

The Vermonster
Homemade mac and cheese with choice of barbecue pork or bacon; deep fried in a flour tortilla 

Burrito Del Infierno
Ground beef, Spanish rice, pinto beans, jalapeños, habañeros, cilantro and onions; topped with ghost pepper sauce, crema and melted habañero cheddar (Extremely HOT!!)


Assorted Desserts

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