$20 Menu

Appetizer Options

Tortilla Soup
Roasted corn, black beans, queso anejo

Field Green Salad
Cacao- and peppercorn-crusted local goat cheese, key lime vinaigrette

Tuna Tostada
Avocado crema, pickled radish

Local braised goat, guajillo-chipotle salsa

Entrée Options

Plantain and red bean casserole, green olives, queso fresco

Banana Leaf Fish
Red snapper, pineapple-mango salsa, coconut rice

Caribe Fish and Chips
Tecate-battered dorado, yucca fries

Marinated Skirt Steak
Pico de gallo, rice and beans

Dominican stew with smoked pork belly and chicken

Dessert Options

Tres Leches

Churros with Dark Mole

Trio of House Truffles

Caribe Lime Custard

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