$40 Dinner Menu

Caviar Service (Add $40)

For Vermont Restaurant Week, we are pleased to offer high-quality, sustainable Mottra Caviar at cost, with Red Hen Baking brioche toast points and Vermont Creamery crème fraîche.

First Course Options

Seafood Chowder
Scallops, perch, clams, smoked bluefish, bacon, chervil

Crispy Calamari
Shaved fennel, pickled peppers, cherry tomatoes, harissa aioli

Fried Whole-Belly Clams
Pickled red onion, celery, cider vinaigrette

Green Salad
Cucumber, radish, carrot, sprouts, red wine shallot vinaigrette

Main Course Options

Pan-Seared Redfish
Beet risotto, frisée, brown butter, capers

​Paperdelle Pasta
Grilled artichokes, mushroom ragout, Vermont sheep’s milk cheese, black truffle

Oregano Pistou
Marinated​ swordfish, roast dried tomatoes, olives, soft polenta, Romesco sauce

Misty Knoll Statler Chicken
Smoked duck-fat potatoes, baby carrots, herb jus

Dessert Options

Vermont Cheese Selection
Shortbread, compote

Fresh berries, shortbread

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