$31 Dinner Menu

Closed Tuesdays. Vegetarian option available.

Our 2019 Vermont Restaurant Week menu is designed around the different elevations where wine is made. The meal begins at the seaside and, with each course, rises in elevation until it reaches mountainous and volcanic areas.

To highlight how food meets wine, add natural Italian wine pairings, priced at $20.

$1 from every meal will be donated to the Vermont Foodbank.

First Course

Grilled mahi, floral rice, citruses, spicy-mizuna-and-cucumber salad, coconut, tobiko

Second Course

Peppercorn beef, herbed farro, enoki mushrooms, stone-fruit demi-glace

Third Course

Homemade fettuccine, garlic, bacon, scallion, confit tomato, sous vide egg, ricotta 

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