$15 Brunch Menu

One entrée plus juice or Brio Coffeeworks drip coffee.

Entrée Options

Eggs Benedict
Hollandaise, smoked pork loin, roasted veggies, English muffin, home fries

Chilaquiles Verdes
Vermont Tortilla Company chips, salsa verde and fresca, queso fresco, heirloom beans, chorizo

Red Flannel Hash
Housemade corned beef, roasted beets, potatoes, two eggs, Red Hen Baking toast

Biscuits and Gravy
Sage sausage gravy, scallion biscuits, two eggs

Mushroom Tartine
Roasted mushroom ragout, poached eggs, Spring Brook Farm Tarentaise cheese

Monte Cristo
Vermont Salumi proscuitto cotto, raclette cheese, egg batter, maple syrup, compote

$40 Dinner Menu

First Course Options

Pete’s Zucchini fritters
Black garlic honey

Chopped Salad
Local greens, Artisan Meats of Vermont bacon, blue cheese, tomato, pickled egg

Spring Pea Soup
Smoked pearl onions, crispy pork terrine

Main Course Options

Maple-Brined Pork Chop
Barlotto, braised greens, pickled ramps

La Crescent Chicken
Mushroom-parsnip ragout, pappardelle, lardons, black truffle

Chickpea Panisse
Spiced vegetable stew, dried fruits, marcona almonds

Dessert Options

Olive Oil Cake
Lemon curd, whipped cream

Vermont Cheese Selection
Compote, crackers

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