$20 Brunch Special

Starter Options

Misery French Toast
Spiced bread, rhubarb curd, maple

Cheddar Beignets
Honey butter

Tater Tots
Smoked char, trout roe, crème fraîche

Main Options

MLC Benedict
House ham, farm eggs, hollandaise

Shrimp and Grits
Lemon brown butter, MLC bacon, poached eggs

Vegetable Hash
Early spring vegetables, salsa verde, fried eggs

$40 Supper Menu

Three courses: choice of raw plate, vegetable, and pasta or protein

Raw Options

Early Spring Vegetables

Halibut Crudo

Beef Tartare

Vegetable Options


Spring-Dug Parsnips

Pasta/Protein Options



Hanger Steak

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