$30 Dinner Menu

First Flavors Options

Wing Sampler
Three different housemade sauces and rubs

Pickled Vegetable Sampler

House Pretzel Sticks
With mustard

Release the Cracklin
Crispy pork rinds, nam prik dipping sauce

Main Course Options

Smoked Brisket and Chopped Pork
Collards, coleslaw, bacon barbecue sauce

Faux Fire Sandwich
Sweet and spicy tempeh, pickled carrot and onion, fresh herbs, served with a side of our staff salad

Slider Trio
Chicken biscuit, chopped pork sandwich, brisket sandwich

Brunswick Stew
Classic Southern tomato, meat and bean stew

Dulces Options

Smoked Cheesecake
Graham crust

Snickers Pie

Brownie Sundae
Vanilla ice cream, caramel, chocolate sauce

Chef’s Single Local Cheese Selection
With accoutrements

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