$30 Dinner Menu

Closed Sunday and Monday.

Includes small plate, large plate and dessert.

Small Plate Options

Black-Bean-And-Veg Empanadas (V)
With avocado-tomatillo crema and sofrito sauce

Asparagus (V GF)
With tofu hollandaise and pistachio gremolata

Caesar (V GF)
Romaine hearts, black kale, shiitake croutons, nori-and-miso Caesar dressing

Large Plate Options

Ma Po Tofu (V)
Mushrooms, roasted tomato and peas with garlic-black-bean paste, doubanjiang and gochugaru; served on brown jasmine rice

House Ravioli (V)
Eggplant, zucchini, red pepper and tomato with vindaloo curry sauce

Buffalo Cauliflower Taco (V GF)
Turmeric sauerkraut, blue ranch crema, served with brown jasmine rice and Cuban black beans

Dessert Options

Coconut Cream Pie (V GF)

Banana Cream Pie

German Chocolate Cake (V)

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