$41 Dinner “Garbage Planet Kids”

A five-course education in food waste reduction.

$1 from every meal goes to the Vermont Foodbank

Course One

Toppings subject to change.

Flat Matt
Grilled potato skin flatbread, roasted garlic oil, poached pear, caramelized scallion bulbs, Vermont chèvre

Course Two Options

Jake-y Cakes
Golden corn griddle cakes, tomato top jam, whipped avocado, watermelon pico de gallo, pepper seed spice

Pan-roasted “duck bacon” bread pudding: crispy duck skin, spring greens, beet-juice poached egg, smoky maple-bacon vinaigrette

Eileen Machine
Whitefish ceviche, marinated avocado, pickled watermelon rind, “Odds & Ends” kimchi, crispy tortilla, black-garlic ginger vinaigrette

Course Three

Lemon Liam
Vegetable terrine: zucchini-lemon peel bread, sweet-corn-herb-stem mousse, sour cherry red beet gelée

Course Four Options

Cam Ba-Lamb!
Trio of lamb: seared loin, smoked sausage, braised leg; three unique presentations

Lil’ Lobster Lindsey
Lobster bisque croquette, basil butter-poached lobster, lack-lentil-maize succotash, charred-celery-leaf-fennel-frond salad, cob smoke

Goodness Grace
Caramelized mushroom stem “scallops,” maple-Dijon braised Brussels sprout leaves, blue potato, fennel and roasted garlic purée, black lava sea salt

Course Five Options

Cup O’ Joe
Pot de crème trio: ground coffee infusion, candied banana peel, citrus green tea

Chris P. Cream
Honey-glazed doughnut holes, amaretto-salted caramel affogato

Farmer Darrell
Vegan chocolate mousse, chocolate cookie “soil,” hand-made chocolate “vegetables”

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